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To install: Drag the appropriate link to your browser's bookmark bar.

Snipplr API

The Snipplr API is what makes all of these plugins work. It's a simple way to let people talk directly to Snipplr using their favorite text editor or website. It uses the standard XML-RPC protocol so it's a cinch to use with PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Cocoa, or any modern programming language. Read the documentation.

Snipplr Extras - Plugins and Downloads

Snipplr was designed to make storing and sharing code snippets easy. That's why we have an open API which lets other websites and applications hook into Snipplr. I've put together a few plugins already. One for TextMate, another for WordPress, and a couple bookmarklets. I hope they'll not only be useful to you, but also be good examples to show what's possible so you can build and share your own plugins. If you create a new plugin and send it in, we'll post it on the website!

TextMate Bundle

The TextMate bundle lets you insert snippets and post new snippets from within TextMate - you never have to open your browser. This lets you get the info you need and keep working without interrupting your workflow. More...

WordPress Plugin

Logo Wordpress

Displaying code inside your blog is never easy. It's tedious to input and the formatting is always a pain to work with. The Snipplr WordPress plugin solves this problem. Just type [snippet=id] in your blog post and the plugin will automatically grab your source code from Snipplr. It'll even highlight it for you. More...


Snippets is an application for Mac OS X that stores the most valuable pieces of your code you can re-use in different projects many times. As part of its functionality, Snippets App includes a support for special plugins named Scrippets. More...

Snip-It Pro

Snip-It Pro is a code snippet manager with features designed to make you a more productive programmer. It provides a single place where you can store all the useful bits of code that you ever came across. Your favorite JavaScript functions. Tricky CSS Hacks. Useful helper Classes. Esoteric configuration xml. Complex SQL Queries. No more searching through old project source code, or wasting time googling unproven code. Snip-It Pro is fully integrated with Snipplr!

Firefox and Safari Bookmarklets

Ever find a cool piece of code you want to remember while surfing the web? You could save the entire page to, or you can save the code straight into Snipplr with one click. To use them, just follow the directions on the right side of this page. Here's a video showing how they work. View the screencast.

Gedit Snipplr Plugin

This software is a plugin for the Gnome text editor Gedit. This plugin is written in python and uses the module SnipplrPy.

With this plugin you can search your snippets stored or shared in, paste your code in the document you are currently editing or post the selectec text into snipplr. More information

Snipplr API for PHP

A PHP library for interacting with the Snipplr API, written by Ben Pearson. Read details at Cutting it with Snipplr and download the code at github

Snipplr Ruby Gem — Command Line Interface (CLI)

The Snipplr Ruby Gem is intended to bridge the gap with a simple unified interface. More information

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for Snipplr

A plugin that allow the user to get and add code to the Snipplr, written by Rayala Udayakumar. More information