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Snipplr Search Integrated With Firefox 2.0

Published in: Development, News, Plugins, ScreencastsPosted by Tyler on 10/25/06

Yesterday, Mozilla released Firefox 2.0 and with it a slew of new features. One of them is autodiscovery of websites that support Amazon’s OpenSearch format. Amazon describes OpenSearch as “a set of simple formats for the sharing of search results.”

What this means to you is Snipplr (and other websites with searchable content) can be searched directly from Firefox’s search box. There’s no need to first go to Snipplr and then do a search. Now you can search from inside your browser no matter what site you’re currently on. Here’s how it works.

Using Firefox 2.0, go to – you’ll see the small arrow next to Firefox’s search box light up.

Firefox Search Box

Click on the arrow and choose “Add Snipplr” to add it to your list of search engines.

Firefox Search Engines

Now, you can search Snipplr using Firefox just like you do Google. Snipplr will even suggest searches as you type them! Here’s a short screencast showing the whole process in action.

Firefox and Safari Bookmarklets for Snipplr

Published in: News, ScreencastsPosted by Tyler on 07/09/06

Ever find a cool piece of code you want to remember while surfing the web? You could save the entire page to, or you can save the code straight into Snipplr with one click. You can get the new bookmarklets here.

Video showing how the bookmarklets work:


Snipplr WordPress Plugin

Published in: News, ScreencastsPosted by Tyler on

The Snipplr WordPress plugin gives you an easy way to embed snippets inside your blog posts or add a list of your recent snippets to your blog’s sidebar. My thanks go to Jan StÄ™pieÅ„ for coming up with the initial idea for this plugin and writing the first version.

Here’s a screencast of the plugin in action.

WordPress screencast