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Snipplr Snippets – WordPress Plugin

Published in: Plugins, Site NewsPosted by Travis on 07/05/10

The Snipplr Snippets WordPress plugin was recently updated and now works with WordPress 3.0.

If you’re not familiar with the plugin, it allows you to embed snippets directly into your WordPress posts using the snippet ID.

Features include:

  • Code highlighting using GeSHi.
  • Sidebar widget to show your latest code snippets.
  • Easily embed snippets into the page using [snippet id=##]
  • Customisable layout using CSS. Can disable default plug-in CSS from the admin settings
  • Uninstall option in the plugin settings page.

Pick up the plugin now or head over to the author’s website for more information.

Gnome Gedit Plugin For Snipplr

Published in: PluginsPosted by Tyler on 10/31/07

Francisco Jiménez has created a new plugin for Gedit that lets you access your Snipplr snippets from within the editor and post new snippets as well. The plugin uses SnipplrPy – a Python wrapper around the Snipplr API.

Read more about (and download!) the Gedit plugin here.

Many thanks to Francisco and all the other plugin developers!

Snipplr Plugin for Eclipse

Published in: API, PluginsPosted by Tyler on 06/06/07

Oliver Nautsch has created snipplr4e – a Snipplr plugin for the Eclipse IDE. The plugin features

  • Preference page to insert and validate your Snipplr API-Key
  • Post a snippet from the eclipse editor to
  • Search your snippets and favorites at
  • Open your snippets and favorites
  • Drag and Drop a snippet from the search result
  • Ctrl+C to copy a snippet from the search result into the clipboard
  • Deleting a snippet at snipplr

Thanks to Oliver for his great work. You can download snipplr4e here.

Snipplr Command Line Interface

Published in: PluginsPosted by Tyler on 05/14/07

Avinash Vora has written a command line interface for Snipplr. It lets you post snippets on any system that supports Python. SnipplrCLI is released under the GNU GPL. Head over to his site and give it a try.

New Snipplr TextMate Bundle (Beta)

Published in: Brainstorming, Development, News, PluginsPosted by Tyler on 05/09/07

Today I want to share with everyone a beta version of a new TextMate bundle I’m working on for Snipplr. It’s a major improvement over the old bundle.

Previously, it would pop-up a box for you to type in some keywords. Then it would search Snipplr and show you a list of matching snippets you could insert into your document. That worked pretty well, but you had to be online for it to communicate with Snipplr. You’d lose access to your snippets if you weren’t connected to the net.

This new version syncs your snippets and favorites directly into TextMate’s bundle menu – giving you offline access to all your code stored in Snipplr. If you don’t mind me saying so, this rocks. Here’s a screen shot:


Keep in mind that this bundle is still in development. Everything is working fine for me, but your mileage may vary. You can download the new bundle here. Note: You must be logged in to Snipplr for the download to work. Also, make sure you uninstall the old bundle from TextMate before installing this one.

For the nerds in the audience…

This bundle was a lot of fun to write because it forced me to dig into TextMate’s bundle format. I’ve written some advanced bundles before (at least I consider them to be . . . at work we use a bundle that lets us stage and deploy our clients’ websites on remote servers via TextMate) but nothing like this.

When you download the bundle from Snipplr, PHP generates a custom bundle on the fly based on the snippets in your account. It creates all the .tmSnippet and .tmCommand files as well as the OS X property listings. It’s by no means brain surgery, but it definitely took some tinkering to make it come out right.

The bundle also includes a command to refresh itself. It does this by downloading a new bundle in the background and rsync’ing it with the pristine copy stored in TextMate. I consider this a cheap hack – I’m hoping TextMate 2.0 provides an official API for bundles to self-update. (Ideally, each bundle .plist would contain a URL and version number that TextMate could use to search for updates and, if available, update the bundle à la Firefox extensions. You there, Allan? :)) It tells TextMate to update its bundle listing using a quick AppleScript command (osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles').

There’s probably a better way to do all this – I need to search the TextMate mailing list.

Next up, I’m going to try and register the update command with launchd so the bundle can stay in sync automatically – preferably when TextMate isn’t active.

I’d appreciate any feedback from the Snipplr community on this bundle. Bugs and feature requests are always welcome.

Also, if anyone is interested in beta testing the new version of Snipplr we’re working on, let me know.

Snipplr Search Integrated With Firefox 2.0

Published in: Development, News, Plugins, ScreencastsPosted by Tyler on 10/25/06

Yesterday, Mozilla released Firefox 2.0 and with it a slew of new features. One of them is autodiscovery of websites that support Amazon’s OpenSearch format. Amazon describes OpenSearch as “a set of simple formats for the sharing of search results.”

What this means to you is Snipplr (and other websites with searchable content) can be searched directly from Firefox’s search box. There’s no need to first go to Snipplr and then do a search. Now you can search from inside your browser no matter what site you’re currently on. Here’s how it works.

Using Firefox 2.0, go to – you’ll see the small arrow next to Firefox’s search box light up.

Firefox Search Box

Click on the arrow and choose “Add Snipplr” to add it to your list of search engines.

Firefox Search Engines

Now, you can search Snipplr using Firefox just like you do Google. Snipplr will even suggest searches as you type them! Here’s a short screencast showing the whole process in action.

TextMate Bundle Updated

Published in: Development, News, PluginsPosted by Tyler on 10/05/06

I’ve updated the Snipplr TextMate bundle to fix a small bug. Now it’ll give you a nice error message if you search for snippets and don’t find any. Thanks to Brian for pointing this out.

Updated TextMate Bundle

Published in: News, PluginsPosted by Tyler on 08/01/06

Andy Kish emailed me an updated version of the Snipplr bundle for TextMate this morning. He has rewritten it to use Python instead of my ugly shell scripting. The code is much cleaner and much more reliable. I encourage everyone to download and install the update.

Thanks to Andy for his great work. A Snipplr t-shirt is on its way to him!