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In the last few months, we have been enhancing the website with new features. Well, let’s just skip the introductory part and go straight to the cool stuffs.

Simplified login with Facebook connect

You can now login into using your Facebook account. If you have been with Snipplr for a while, use the connect option in the Settings page. New to Snipplr? Just click “Login with Facebook” on the homepage and you’re ready to go!

More ways to share

Having saved a snippet of code that you are proud of? Talk about it! We’ve added the option to share your snippets on common social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Find a snippet that might be of interest to a friend? You can now send any snippet to your friend via Facebook private message, directly on the snippet page!

Show your support

We believe that there are times when you want to say thanks the author of the snippet that solves your problem. The “FAV” feature is back (confession: we had a JS error that prevented the feature from working). To mark a snippet as your favourite, click on the FAV icon next to its name, a snippet you like will be marked orange. Did we mention that you can “like” comments too?

Reputation system and badges

We believe that you should be recognised for your community contribution (remember that your snippet can be of great help to others). A reputation system was created to track your submission, views and favourites that others give you. You may have noticed the new homepage arrangement with an “achievement” column. We created a number of badges that you can show off from your profile page. We will soon implement a site-wide ranking system based on the score-based reputation, which is accessible from within your dashboard.

Popular snippets by month, week, and year

The website used to display all time popular snippets based on the number of likes on the homepage. This caused some of the very old snippets (some dated back in our first days) still sticking on the front-page. We consider the freshness of the snippets just as important as the number of “favourites”. For this reason, we now display the popular snippets based on both submission time and popularity. You can even filter the popular snippets to display only notable ones by time, programming language, and tag.

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