Link to Snipplr in Your Envato Profile

Published in: Site NewsPosted by Travis on 08/06/10

Snipplr Profile on Envato

I just got the good word that you can now link to your Snipplr account from your profile on any Envato site that supports cross-site profiles.

Just head over to your Envato site of choice and after you sign in go to My Account>MySettings>Social Network Links and add your Snipplr username.

It will be a great way to quickly link to any support code or to showcase your mad hacking skills. Head over and add your link!


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Posted By: trusktr on October 14th, 2010

Hello, I have a few ideas.

Add compiling features to test out pieces of code! For example, it’d be neat to link “” with all the other *.java” files that contain custom classes and see the result!

It’d be neato if there was an online, live command line to run commands like “g++” or “javac” (SSH?)

ALso, it’d be neat to have a live editor to edit your file online. Check out Bespin, Codemirror, or Ymacs.

I really like your service so i thought i could help with some ideas. I got the ideas for the editors and command line from I infiltrated and stole the ideas. Check it out for more ideas because they have some cool stuff goin on, but it is designed for web design, whereas you guys could make something more aimed at programming like java, c++, etc, aside from html, php, javascript, etc.

Posted By: sheva on November 21st, 2011


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