When a Snippet isn’t a Snippet

Published in: New Features, NewsPosted by Jon Henshaw on 04/09/08

We’ve been getting a lot of snippet entries that are really just spam. Thanks to users like Frank B., we’ve been able to react to it as quickly as possible. However, a better solution for handling this spam is to give our users the ability to flag these snippets themselves.

We’ve implemented a new “Report this Snippet” link that’s located beneath each code snippet box. Clicking on this link will notify us if you think the snippet is spam. There’s also a built in threshold to take the snippet offline if enough unique users click the link.

We’ll see how this system works and will adjust it accordingly. As always, thank you for using Snipplr!


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Posted By: Jeppe Toustrup on April 15th, 2008

Maybe it would be smartere to report a user, since I guess the users which are posting this spam, are dedicated accounts for it?
Then it would be easier to remove the snippets by the user, since all the snippets would be removed together with the user.

Posted By: Frank B on April 16th, 2008

well you could give me admin and let me delete the spam ^^

Posted By: Alesandro O on April 16th, 2008

Perhaps you could use reverse captcha? It’s 100% effective in my sites (but I admit they aren’t large enough to be specifically targeted). If the bots are targeting the site and bypass the reverse captcha, try using a set of reverse captchas, so the field data and/or way of hiding is different.
See more info on reverse captcha at http://dhp1080.com/archive/journal/reverse_captcha

On another note, great site!


Posted By: sulfurito on November 28th, 2008

Here’s another idea: publish the email or contact form url of these spammers and we all users of Snipplr spam their sites until they give up spamming on Snipplr.

Today ALL of my RSS reader for Snipplr was showing only spam posts

For example, this guys where spamming along last week:


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