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Gnome Gedit Plugin For Snipplr

Published in: PluginsPosted by Tyler on 10/31/07

Francisco JimĂ©nez has created a new plugin for Gedit that lets you access your Snipplr snippets from within the editor and post new snippets as well. The plugin uses SnipplrPy – a Python wrapper around the Snipplr API.

Read more about (and download!) the Gedit plugin here.

Many thanks to Francisco and all the other plugin developers!

Snipplr has moved!

Published in: Development, NewsPosted by admin on 10/12/07

In case you hadn’t noticed, Snipplr moved to a new hosting provider, Pair is by far the most reliable and best performing shared hosting environment we have ever worked with. Snipplr will now be faster than ever!

Now that the move is behind us, we’ll be focused on a new development. We expect to launch our new design in the next few weeks, and after that we’ll be focused on some cool new features for Snipplr.