DreamHost Disabled Snipplr Without Warning

Published in: NewsPosted by Tyler on 07/24/07

Snipplr has grown a lot faster than I expected when I created the site a year ago. This month alone we’ve had over 40,000 unique visitors sharing their code with one another. And that’s exactly how many of you were left out in the cold earlier today when Snipplr went down.

I received an email from DreamHost Support notifying me that they had disabled the Snipplr database because they had identified some slow queries running on it. Instead of contacting me directly to resolve the issue they simply turned off the database. No warning, no email, no phone call, nothing. Snipplr simply went down.

I’m working as fast as I can to get Snipplr moved to a new web host who won’t go to such extreme measures without giving advance warning. What DreamHost did is reprehensible, lazy, and the sure sign of a shitty web host.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten Snipplr back up and running until I can move it. Will the site go down again if DreamHost decides to disable it? Probably. So please bear with us as we work past this latest hurdle. I hope you never have to deal with a situation like this on your own website.


PS – The site may go down, but none of your snippets will be lost.


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Posted By: George on July 25th, 2007

DreamHost did the same to me … If you want a host that will take the time to contact you and try to solve the problem with you before taking down your site try a smaller host such as WebFaction or ASmallOrange

PS: Love your captcha 🙂

Posted By: javan on August 2nd, 2007

They did that same shit to me when this site suddenly generated some decent traffic. I wasn’t even touching a database. Their admins, without warning, renamed the public folder and then email me about it, much later.

Posted By: Tyler on August 2nd, 2007


That’s awful. And, for the record, I was one of the many people who visited your site when it took off. I loved it 🙂

Posted By: Adrian on September 23rd, 2007

I was just wondering… did you guys by any chance switch the hosting provider?
As I was also aiming for dreamhost to lay my site down and it no longer seems as a viable company.

Posted By: Tyler on September 23rd, 2007


Nope, we’re still on Dreamhost for the moment. After they shut us down we argued and eventually reach an agreement where they won’t shut us down again without prior notice. We’re still planning on moving to a new host – most likely Pair.com (although I’ve since moved all of my personal sites to Slicehost.com) – but we’re waiting until we have the new design ready before making the switch.

Posted By: Jo on October 11th, 2007

The same stuff is happening with ipowerweb.com.
I had a recent downtime too, because they decided to change their DNS without any warning. It took me 79hours of sending emails before they even bothered to reply to me !!

Make sure you request for compensation ! ipowerweb gave me a free 1 year extension of my contract, and they gave me 3 GB of extra storage (which I immediately filled with 3 GB of random-data, just to make sure it would cost them ;-))

We have other sites at slicehost.com It looks like they take their customers more serious then the cheap hostingproviders do.

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