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Snipplr API Updated

Published in: API, DevelopmentPosted by Tyler on 01/30/07

I bet you all thought Snipplr was left for dead, eh? Sorry about that. In the last couple months I’ve gotten married, bought a house, and helped roll out a new service. Things have been busy 🙂

Back to business. I’ve updated the API’s method to allow specifying a language type. To do so, pass an (optional) fourth parameter containing the language ID. What is the language ID you may ask? It’s the URL formatted language name found in all of Snipplr’s URLs. For example:

In these URLs, the language IDs are “javascript”, “c-plus-plus”, “c-sharp”, and “cold-fusion”, respectively.

If that’s not helpful enough, I’ve also added languages.list method which returns a list of language url names and their corresponding pretty names. i.e., c-sharp and C#, c-plus-plus and C++.

You can view the API reference here.

Let me know if you run into any issues.