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Updated Snipplr API

Published in: API, Development, NewsPosted by Tyler on 09/20/06

Based on visitor feedback (thanks, Hernán!) I updated the Snipplr API this morning. The snippet.get method now returns a list of the snippet’s tags. Also, I added a much needed snippet.delete method that (you guessed it) lets you delete snippets from your account. Click here for the API documentation.

Download Your Snippets as a Zip File

Published in: Development, NewsPosted by Tyler on 09/11/06

I can’t count the number of times on this blog I’ve mentioned the importance of keeping websites like Snipplr open. I don’t mean online and in business, I mean keeping the data (your data) freely available for you to import and export as you see fit. That’s the point of the Snipplr API – to let you manage your snippets without ever having to even visit Today I’m releasing a new feature to continue this trend.

Many users have asked for a way to backup all their snippets. Just in case Snipplr goes offline or you want to move your code to another site. Ask an ye shall receive.

On your settings page you’ll find a new link that will let you download a zip file containing all of your snippets.