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How to replace sleep(2), for your PHP code. Ideal testing hosting/dns ping.
1 577 posted 13 years ago by nicolaspar
A custom compression script I use for auto compression and gzip compression of my css & files. Also allows for 'debug' mode (uncompressed). You simply include the core.css & core.js in your <head>
0 534 posted 13 years ago by iloveitaly
When you can't use firebug to discover cross browser compatibility problems (i.e. internet explorer 6) then what's the fastest way to see the padding and margins? A quick solution is adding a css debug class to your container. Feel free to change...
0 666 posted 13 years ago by chrisjlee
A simple replacement for print_r or whatever you use to display debug info.
2 484 posted 13 years ago by PeteW
displayed filename and line number. //normal use d( $arg ); //some arguments d( $arg1 , $arg2 , ... );
0 376 posted 13 years ago by ikimozu
The 'request' and 'response' objects are chock full of useful info. But console can't usually access them. Here's how: start the server with the -u option, insert a breakpoint where you would like to have access to the controllers/helpers/etc. Wh...
1 594 posted 14 years ago by cczona
Simple list of commands to use within Adobe AIR to help debug an application.
0 402 posted 14 years ago by 1man
This takes whatever object you want (called YOUR_OBJECT in the source) and traces out each child of that object. Pretty useful for debugging an add/removeChild issue.
1 1066 posted 14 years ago by benwasilewski
Drupal helper function to debug a table. Returns the contents and some explanation of a database table in a rendered format (HTML table). **NOTE** You REALLY do not want to put this function behind any kind of menu_callback and/or on other pages....
1 753 posted 14 years ago by berkes
For when I catch a bad case of stupid and forget how to write simple php and I need to put the training wheels back on. Drop this in before the closing body tag on a php page to see a list some of what is happening when the page loads.
0 354 posted 14 years ago by inkdeep
I often find something like this lurking at the end of my base templates - it'll show you which queries were run while generating the current page, but they'll start out hidden so as not to be a pain. Of course, before this works, you'll need to s...
1 672 posted 14 years ago by jonhenshaw
recover to normal speed with /sbin/ipfw delete 100 /sbin/ipfw delete 200 ... or reboot
0 595 posted 15 years ago by zingo
Lorsque vous cherchez le cheminement jusqu'à une fonction/méthode particulière, vous ajoutez un « debug_print_backtrace() ; » dans celle-ci et lors de l’exécution ça vous affiche un truc du style : #0 MusicFactory->loadDataForDetail(925...
0 347 posted 15 years ago by olive
An easy debug trick: gives you a variable that you can print in any tpl.php to find out what vars you have available there.
1 594 posted 15 years ago by berkes
prevent errors in other browsers
0 554 posted 15 years ago by localhorst
As root run
0 440 posted 15 years ago by therobot
If you set the NSObjCMessageLoggingEnabled environment variable to "YES", the Objective-C runtime will log all dispatched Objective-C messages to a file named /tmp/msgSends-.
0 452 posted 15 years ago by zingo
Prints content from an NSError or NSArray content from a managedObjectContext.
0 520 posted 15 years ago by zingo
1 647 posted 15 years ago by nicolaspar
Great little debuging snippet found while browsing. The code adds different coloured borders to the assets depending on its level. Leave commented out if not needed.
96 4728 posted 16 years ago by 1man
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