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First you need to write your script. In your theme folder create a folder called something like 'js'. Create a file in that folder for your javascript. E.g. your-script.js. Add your jQuery script to that file (you don't need <script> tags in a .js fi...
0 200 posted 4 years ago by designermedia
Assumes that you have got a #mainnav around your menu. Works nicely with wp_nav_menu inside.
0 85 posted 8 years ago by telltec
3 92 posted 10 years ago by Ben
Obvious but useful for styling Wordpress pagination
0 88 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
Select the first and last item in an unordered list. As an example, I add a CSS class to each. In WordPress, it's not so easy to get wp\_list\_pages() to generate these classes. jQuery provides an easy out for javascript-enabled clients.
0 124 posted 10 years ago by cyberhobo
Use javascript to add a class of last onto the first and the last li tags in the navigation (add to global.js). Then use css to style. For instance, if the first li is home, you can set the css to hide this link (if you want the logo to act as your h...
5 113 posted 11 years ago by kstetson
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