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  1. FAVMagento auto switch language and currency by Knowband

    PHP auto Switch and change language extension currency magento automatic converterMagento autoswitcher
    posted on September 26, 2018 by JohnMichael21
  2. FAVMagento 2 Automatic Related Products

    PHP related 2 products magento automatic
    posted on September 11, 2018 by Dhiren
  3. FAVMagento 2 Auto Switch Language and Currency extension by Knowband

    PHP plugin auto Switch module Converter and language currency 2 switcher magento automatic
    posted on July 18, 2018 by JohnMichael21
  4. FAVPrestashop Automatic related product addon by Knowband

    PHP related similar product extension products automatic Prestashop addon alike
    posted on July 16, 2018 by JohnMichael21
  5. FAVAutomatic redirection

    jQuery delay redirection automatic
    posted on October 23, 2015 by envane21
  6. FAVDownload AutoStart

    JavaScript auto automatic auto-start
    posted on November 25, 2013 by temanuel
  7. FAVFlexible Site Layout With Resize Detection, now improved!

    jQuery resize mobile single site automatic comaptibility saved by 2 people
    posted on November 5, 2011 by FatFolderDesigner
  8. FAVjQuery Image Resize

    JavaScript javascript resize image jquery automatic
    posted on November 2, 2011 by ryarwood
  9. FAVAutolenguage

    PHP language automatic
    posted on November 11, 2010 by arucordoba
  10. FAVAutomatically assign a style to any written instance of word on a page

    JavaScript style instance word automatic
    posted on October 22, 2010 by stephcode
  11. FAVYear update for full (four digit) year or last two digits, with JavaScript

    JavaScript year date two partial automatic digits
    posted on September 2, 2010 by stephcode
  12. FAVAutomatic "Back to Top" link when scrolling down

    JavaScript scroll window to top back automatic blackthorne saved by 5 people
    posted on July 18, 2009 by blackthorne
  13. FAVjQuery Automatic Script Includer

    jQuery javascript include script jquery backloading includer automatic saved by 6 people
    posted on December 10, 2008 by garside
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