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  1. FAVWP External Links

    PHP javascript window xhtml blank new links external rel target icon none seo tab nofollow
    posted on June 7, 2013 by freelancephp
  2. FAVFind All Links on a Page

    PHP php link page links seo finder apps saved by 14 people
    posted on March 20, 2013 by haydin
  3. FAVSEO friendly links in PHP

    PHP php links seo saved by 3 people
    posted on February 17, 2013 by apphp-snippets
  4. FAVWordpress Native Pagination Links With Page Number No Plugin Needed

    PHP number wordpress numbers navigation links pagination
    posted on December 4, 2012 by rudwolf
  5. FAVWordPress Links Manager - Display a random link from a category

    PHP wordpress links manager
    posted on April 11, 2012 by crypticsoft
  6. FAVRemove / Replace - href / anchor /link - in html /string - preg_replace - php - regex - regular expression

    PHP regex html links anchor regular Expression href pregreplace anchors saved by 3 people
    posted on March 17, 2012 by rwunsch
  7. FAVPrev/Next wordpress loop links

    PHP wordpress links loop next previous
    posted on December 23, 2011 by xcsteve99
  8. FAVHide/Remove WordPress Admin Menus

    PHP panel links admin media users comments tools plugins
    posted on September 8, 2011 by jamiebrwr
  9. FAVActivate Links in String PHP

    PHP regex php links
    posted on June 13, 2011 by nebojsac
  10. FAVMagento Active states in TOP MENU

    PHP links active magento top-nab
    posted on June 2, 2011 by ronal
  11. FAVAutomatic Mailto Links

    PHP links mailto
    posted on May 17, 2011 by dubogii
  12. FAVMagento echo all category links

    PHP category navigation links sitemap magento
    posted on April 27, 2011 by nico65
  13. FAVSafe Link Arguments

    PHP php links safe
    posted on April 17, 2011 by prwhitehead
  14. FAVDrupal 6: Change Menu Link Title Dynamically

    PHP menu links drupal 6 saved by 1 person
    posted on April 16, 2011 by focal55
  15. FAVUsing drupal_get_destination() in a link item "l()"

    PHP links drupal
    posted on December 5, 2010 by Onfire60
  16. FAVPHP absolutely relative root

    PHP php include links dynamic relative absolute saved by 1 person
    posted on November 22, 2010 by FatFolderDesigner
  17. FAVWordpress Display Links

    PHP php wordpress links
    posted on July 7, 2010 by ryarwood
  18. FAVPHP parse url, mailto, and also twitter’s usernames and arguments

    PHP php links regular Expression href twitter pregreplace
    posted on March 10, 2010 by ginoplusio
  19. FAVWordpress bookmarks custom

    PHP wordpress links bookmarks custom saved by 1 person
    posted on March 4, 2010 by zartgesotten
  20. FAVRemove wordpress parent links

    PHP wordpress navigation remove links Parent saved by 1 person
    posted on January 13, 2010 by mdesilets
  21. FAVDrupal Primary Links

    PHP menu links drupal primary saved by 2 people
    posted on September 2, 2009 by jmiller
  22. FAVadd spans to links drupal

    PHP menu textmate link links to drupal add primary span spans saved by 3 people
    posted on July 30, 2009 by wza
  23. FAVExtract URLs From HTML

    PHP url html array links saved by 4 people
    posted on June 30, 2009 by cshaiku
  24. FAVReplace all the links except local - For redirecting

    PHP php replace regexp links redirecting
    posted on March 30, 2009 by kossmoss
  25. FAVExtract all links from a page using Regex

    PHP regex file html links extract saved by 4 people
    posted on March 2, 2009 by gdvickery
  26. FAVFind All The Links On A Page

    PHP page DOM links a all find on the saved by 6 people
    posted on February 28, 2009 by Unreal
  27. FAVTurn Static URLs Into Links

    PHP text links to urls static saved by 2 people
    posted on February 28, 2009 by Unreal
  28. FAVOverride specific links in theme_links based on their class.

    PHP links drupal theme phptemplate themelinks saved by 2 people
    posted on January 14, 2008 by berkes
  29. FAVGenerate blogroll from del.icio.us links

    PHP xml blog links api delicious opml generate blogroll saved by 1 person
    posted on September 4, 2007 by bitcrumb
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