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  1. FAVHide /node page from access (Drupal)

    PHP drupal access
    posted on July 12, 2011 by chupzzz
  2. FAVAccessing CMSMS module

    PHP module access cmsms saved by 1 person
    posted on January 12, 2011 by krillzip
  3. FAVPHP Beginning OOP

    PHP php object oop access inheritance oriented principles modifiers
    posted on February 23, 2010 by alvincrespo
  4. FAVfunction to access all protected vars in a class

    PHP class variables function variable access vars protected var saved by 2 people
    posted on October 28, 2009 by Zwendel
  5. FAVPrevent Remote Form Submit

    PHP form remote post bot security spam access HTTPREFERER saved by 3 people
    posted on January 21, 2009 by luizlopes
  6. FAVConn MDB

    PHP ASP access MDB conn
    posted on August 20, 2008 by LondonWeb
  7. FAVSimple Data Access Class

    PHP mysql php data query dynamic access layer dal saved by 2 people
    posted on January 21, 2008 by ecavazos
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