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  1. FAVsetLanguage in WinForms

    C# forms translate language international translation multi-language saved by 1 person
    posted on November 6, 2012 by Winkyboy
  2. FAVWCF Configuration using TransportWithMessageLevel Credential and Forms Authentication

    C# forms authentication binding WCF provider Membership c#
    posted on October 6, 2011 by amos24c
  3. FAVWindows Forms Keyboard Shortcut on Control

    C# forms control windows shortcut
    posted on July 26, 2011 by Currysuechtig
  4. FAVTransfer data between forms

    C# data forms between transfer saved by 1 person
    posted on December 27, 2010 by hairajeshk
  5. FAVSystem.Windows.Forms.Timer Example

    C# forms windows timer saved by 1 person
    posted on October 31, 2009 by rtipton
  6. FAVHow to tell what form control a context menu was over when you clicked one of its items

    C# forms csharp visualStudio contextMenu rightClick saved by 1 person
    posted on November 3, 2008 by pckujawa
  7. FAVBasic Multithreaded Code

    C# forms windows Threading saved by 3 people
    posted on February 7, 2007 by rengber
  8. FAVDisplay a ToolTip for a DataGrid Cell

    C# forms windows tooltip DataGrid saved by 1 person
    posted on February 6, 2007 by rengber
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