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  1. FAVzip from linux command line

    Bash Bash zip compression
    posted on March 27, 2012 by artaserse
  2. FAVFind a directory withing a compressed file and remove it.

    Bash rm grep find zip
    posted on January 10, 2012 by bionic
  3. FAVTAR - Tar several files

    Bash tar linux zip
    posted on May 31, 2011 by ragnarokkrr
  4. FAVZipping folders excluding .svn folders

    Bash Bash zip
    posted on May 28, 2011 by kuyabiye
  5. FAVZip and Unzip using Command Line

    Bash Bash tar gzip zip
    posted on June 21, 2010 by choise
  6. FAVMimic Finder's "Create Archive" Functionality

    Bash archive create os x zip finder ditto
    posted on January 15, 2010 by iloveitaly
  7. FAVZip a directory using PuTTy (SSH)

    Bash ssh zip putty
    posted on January 14, 2010 by kevinbanet
  8. FAVtar basics

    Bash file tar FTP howto zip easy compression compress
    posted on July 19, 2008 by noah
  9. FAVunix, pack folder and contents with tar gz

    Bash Shell unix tar linux files gzip zip gz pack saved by 4 people
    posted on December 4, 2006 by assbach
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