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Against all forms of fat racism, prejudice, discrimination, fighting against all the media claiming thinnes to be the power and the beauty, against all the imposed body image in fashion and daily life. I am now fatter. In my personal experience , I am currently recovering from a bad bad eating disorder, Bulimia, and along my way I gained a lot of weight, and people keeps telling me how fatter I am YES I AM, so? Now fatter, now free to be happier. Copy and paste this code into your HEAD section of your webpage to show your support in favour of the acceptance of every body-size/shape/wight.

Instructions to place the badge into your HTML: choose 1) I run my own website/I have access to the code for my site: Place everything from "style" to "/style" between the "head" "/head" tags on your page, then place the rest of the code wherever you want. 2) I’m on MySpace: Place the code in the “About Me” box when you edit your profile.

(only works on Firefox and Gecko based browsers, sorry)

  1. //this goes on your head section
  2. <style type="text/css">
  3. .badgecorner {
  4. position: absolute;
  5. right: 0;
  6. top: 0;
  7. margin: 0;
  8. padding: 0;
  9. border: none;
  10. float: none; }
  11. .badgecorner a img {
  12. background-color: transparent;
  13. color: white;
  14. border: none;
  15. text-decoration: none; }
  16. </style>
  18. //from here to below, paste the following code somewhere on your body
  20. <div class="badgecorner"><a href=""><img src="" alt="Fat and proud" /></a></div>

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Posted By: aurele on August 24, 2006

Idealpara colocar una oferta

Posted By: aurele on August 24, 2006

Idealpara colocar una oferta

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