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So, i did it in a simple way. I´ve decided to use ?feed=rss format. The reason: rss2 and atom brings the html tags into the content and i was breaking the HTML tags by cropping it using ".substring". The result was a corrupted / strange text in zRSSFeed Final Result.

So for feed=rss i did this way and it works!

$(document).ready(function () { $('#test').rssfeed('',{snippet: ''},function(e) {

      $('p',e).each(function(i) {

           var content = $(this).text();
           if (content.length >200) $(this).text(content.substring(0,200)+'...');


In order to use RSS2 and Atom it would be necessary to handle it in a proper way and avoid the html tags break.

  1. $(document).ready(function () {
  2. $('#test').rssfeed('',{snippet: ''},function(e) {
  4. $('p',e).each(function(i) {
  6. var content = $(this).text();
  7. if (content.length >200) $(this).text(content.substring(0,200)+'...');
  8. });
  9. });
  10. });

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