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BigCommerce: Change Border on Product Carousel Thumbnails

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Add this to Panels/ProductDetails.html for the on-page carousel. For the lightbox, edit the existing code in productimage.html

  1. <script type="text/javascript" >
  2. function highlightProductTinyImage(ThumbIndex) {
  3. $('.ProductTinyImageList li').css('border', '1px solid gray');
  4. $('.ProductTinyImageList li .TinyOuterDiv').css('border', '2px solid white');
  5. $('#TinyImageBox_'+ThumbIndex).css('border', '1px solid #d7a900');
  6. $('#TinyImageBox_'+ThumbIndex+' .TinyOuterDiv').css('border', '2px solid #d7a900');
  7. }
  8. </script>

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