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RAR files/directories

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First you will need the 'rar' command: $ sudo apt-get install rar

The code snippet below will make 47.7MB split rar files of 'Home.Movie.iso'...

rar: is what runs the program.

a: adds the file to an archive

m5: defines the compression level. Ranges from 0 (fastest with least amount of compression) and 5 (slowest with more compression).

v47.7m: splits the rar parts into 47.7MB files

vn: uses the old naming format (.rar, .r00, .r01, etc.)

Archived.Home.Movie: the file naming structure for the rar files to follow.

Home.Movie.iso: the file (or directory) you want to archive.

  1. rar a -m5 -v47.7m -vn Archived.Home.Movie 'Home.Movie.iso'

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Posted By: miro4live on February 12, 2008

thank u

Posted By: WaxWing on May 7, 2011

This is great, thanks!

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