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  1. mklink /J %1\logs %7\logs
  2. mklink /J %1\xsl %2\xsl
  3. mklink /J %1\backup %7\backup
  4. mklink /J %1\delivery %7\delivery
  5. mklink /J %1\config %7\config
  6. mklink /J %1\projects %7\projects
  7. mklink /J %1\wizards\work %3\work
  8. mklink /J %1\plugins\work %4\work
  9. mklink /J %1\openldap\data %5\data
  10. mklink /J %1\template\gui %6\gui
  11. mklink /J %1\template\skins %6\skins
  12. mklink /H %1\log4j.xml %7\log4j.xml
  13. mklink /H %1\studio.ini %2\studio.ini
  14. mklink /H %1\IxHttp.ini %2\IxHttp.ini
  15. mklink /H %1\genway1.err %2\genway1.err

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