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Detect the visitor browser within WordPress

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Well, this hack is not so new, but it still remains one of my favorites. What this code does is pretty simple, it detects the name of the visitor browser and adds it to the body_class() function.\\r\\nThat way, you can correct browser-specific problems extremely easily. The function has to be pasted in your functions.php file.

  1. add_filter('body_class','browser_body_class');
  2. function browser_body_class($classes) {
  3. global $is_lynx, $is_gecko, $is_IE, $is_opera, $is_NS4, $is_safari, $is_chrome, $is_iphone;
  5. if($is_lynx) $classes[] = 'lynx';
  6. elseif($is_gecko) $classes[] = 'gecko';
  7. elseif($is_opera) $classes[] = 'opera';
  8. elseif($is_NS4) $classes[] = 'ns4';
  9. elseif($is_safari) $classes[] = 'safari';
  10. elseif($is_chrome) $classes[] = 'chrome';
  11. elseif($is_IE) $classes[] = 'ie';
  12. else $classes[] = 'unknown';
  14. if($is_iphone) $classes[] = 'iphone';
  15. return $classes;
  16. }

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