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element absolutely positioned

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absolutely positioned element

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absolutely positioned element

  1. You are affected by an IE bug where an absolutely positioned element may disappear when they it is adjacent to a float.
  3. Take a look at this article:
  4. IE/Win: floats and disappearing absolutely positioned divs (
  6. As of IE7 it seems that this bug has only been partially fixed.
  8. To solve your problem, you may try to put in a dummy separator div:
  10. <div id="wrap">
  11. <div id="testa"></div>
  12. <div id="lingue" class="piccolo" align="left">
  13. <img src="img/england.gif" alt="english" align="bottom"/><a href=""><span style="margin:0 5px;">english</span></a>
  14. <img src="img/italia.gif" alt="italiano" align="bottom"/><a href="index.php"><span style="margin:0 5px;">italiano</span></a>
  15. </div>
  16. <div></div>
  17. [...]
  18. </div>

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