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AS3 Tint a MovieClip from a Hex string e.g. "#FF0066" using TweenLite

 / Published in: ActionScript 3

Example usage ...

setTint(ball_mc, "#FF0066");

  1. import com.greensock.*;
  2. import com.greensock.plugins.*;
  3. TweenPlugin.activate([TintPlugin]);
  5. function setTint($mc:MovieClip, $hexString:String):void
  6. {
  7. var strHexDecimal:String = "0x"+ $hexString.split("#").join("");
  8. var numHexDecimal:Number = parseInt(strHexDecimal, 16);
  9.$mc, 0, {tint:numHexDecimal});
  10. }

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Posted By: adrianparr on March 19, 2010

NOTE: This seems to produce a colour that isn't it's full value. For example, if the movieclip you are tinting is natually white, then the tinted movieclip will be slightly pale.

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