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Fix macabi site to work on mac

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I was just able to login to the maccabi site using safari !!!

There is a bug on the login form and once I fixed the bug using the dev tools I was able to log in and make an appointment just fine !!!

You can use this bookmarklet to fix your maccabi login form, drag it to your bookmarks bar and click it before you click on the submit button.


if the link doesn't work here is code that you can pasete into your address bar


here is the JS :

alert('try to login now, by clicking the button.')

this will probably also work on firefox, but I haven't tested it !!

As I expected, they are using invalid JS code that happens to actually work on IE, but shouldn't work on any normal browser.

Any donations for this fix would be appreciated. ( cash is also nice )

  1. // javascript:document.forms[0].elements[%27IDCode%27].id=%27IDCode%27;document.forms[0].elements[%27username%27].id=%27username%27;alert(%27try%20to%20login%20now,%20by%20clicking%20the%20button.%27)
  2. document.forms[0].elements['IDCode'].id='IDCode';
  3. document.forms[0].elements['username'].id='username';
  4. alert('try to login now, by clicking the button.')

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Posted By: yisreldov on February 2, 2010

here is a short video on getting it to work.

Also you must click the arrow button to sign in, don't press enter

Posted By: yisreldov on February 2, 2010

err that didn't work

here is the link for the video.

Posted By: yisreldov on February 23, 2010

looks like they fixed the site to work on mac now… this script is obsolete … for now

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