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Bash rsync sync

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Rsync: sync local files to remote

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Simple rsync command to synchronize two directories.

Other useful options

-h, --human-readable -C, --cvs-exclude = excludes common source file endings --delete -z, --compress --exclude=PATTERN --compare-dest=DIR This option instructs rsync to use DIR on the destination machine as an additional hierarchy to compare destination files against doing transfers (if the files are missing in the destination directory). If a file is found in DIR that is identical to the sender's file, the file will NOT be transferred to the destination directory. This is useful for creating a sparse backup of just files that have changed from an earlier backup.

  1. rsync --progress --compress --recursive small_thumbs # copy recursive, with progress print out
  2. rsync -rz --progress small_thumbs # same, in short hand

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