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Subscript or Superscript in the footers/titles of RTF output

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Wondering how to create a subscripts and superscipt in title or footnotes of the rtf output... here is a way to do it....

Execute the following program to get an Idea about how to keep SUBSCRIPTS and SUPERSCRIPTS in footnotes and titles of rtf output..

************************************************************; data test; length secnam $15; input sortord secnam $ pvalue; cards; 1 demog 0.8812 2 ae 0.7112 3 disposition 0.8112 4 medicalhistory 0.9112 ; run;

ods listing close; ods rtf file="Test output.rtf" style=rtfout; ods escapechar='\';

proc report data = test missing split="$" spacing=0 headline nowd; column sortord secnam pvalue; define sortord / order noprint; define secnam / order flow "Demographics$Variable{super a}"; define pvalue / display flow "ANOVA$P-Value{sub p}"; run;

ods rtf close; ods trace off; ods listing; *************************************************************;

Variable{super a}"; Adds a superscript a to Demographics variable; ANOVA$P-Value{sub p}";Adds a subscript p to ANOVA P-Value variable;

Make sure to use the same kind of brackets { }I have used in the sample code to get the superscripts and subscripts to get printed in the rtf output.

ESCAPECHAR need not be '\' as it is mentioned in the sample code... It could be '*' or '^' or '#' anything we can think of...


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