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Renaming All Variables in a SAS Data Set Using the SASHELP VIEWS

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*Create a temporary dataset... DSN; data dsn; a=1; b=2; c=3; d=4; e=5; f=6; run;

%macro test(lib,dsn);

/1)/ data null; set sashelp.vtable(where=(libname="&LIB" and memname="&DSN")); call symput('nvars',nvar); run;

/2)/ data dsn; set sashelp.vcolumn(where=(libname="&LIB" and memname="&DSN")); call symput(cats("var",n),name); run;

/3)/ proc datasets library=&LIB; modify &DSN; rename %do i = 1 %to &nvars; &&var&i=Rename_&&var&i. %end; ; quit; run; %mend;


After submitting the above program... the output looks like this....

Output: Renamea Renameb Renamec Renamed Renamee Renamef 1 2 3 4 5 6

  1. Here is a way I know of.. to rename all the variables in the dataset;
  3. It can be done using the SASHELP views as follows:
  5. 1) The 1st step of the program determines the total number of variables inside the dataset with the help of SASHELP.Vtable, Data _null_ step used to do the same …. A macro variable NVAR (Number of Variables) will be created after this step which can be accessed in the following steps.
  7. 2) What the 2nd step does is….assigns a unique IDNUM to all the variables of the dataset with the help of SASHELP.Vcolumn.
  9. 3) What the 3rd step does is … it uses Proc Datasets with the MODIFY statement to rename all the variables in the dataset. The DO LOOP is been used to resolve the 6 macro variables in a macro of a temporary dataset.

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