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Render Dyslexic Fonts using Stylish in Web Browsers

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The copyright system has allowed for books and most forms of popular communication to reach the point of neglecting 5-10% of the population, a group of those afflicted with Dyslexia. In a very clear sense, I believe these books - well, their content - have become enslaved by this peculiar institution. Like with the "peculiar institution" of the Confederacy, it is clear that only technology and the Open Web can liberate these entities still tether'd to industrial capitalism. Industries have been built around unchecked consumption (Social Media, Big Banks, Big Brother, the Orthodox University System, Judeo-Christian Publishers, etc.), despite our cognitive, biological, and phenomenological - and by extension existential and ecological - limitations. Dyslexia is a reaction to our effects on ourselves; these font are a dialectical response, in my view, to our capacity to undo ourselves.

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