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Tumblr Custom Theme Framework

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Every time I start coding a new Tumblr theme I find myself writing the same Tumblr tags over and over again. That's why I decided to create a boilerplate, or a framework, that I can reuse for my next projects.

I tried to cover most of the features included in the documentation, yet provide just the bare essentials so you can build up from there.

Have fun!

(v 1.3)

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Posted By: eurotransient on May 13, 2012

Thank you for this! Just what I needed. One thing, though: there's a tiny error in there. Your closing article tag for the photoset block has a misspelling: "artlcle" instead of "article".

Posted By: apaunchev on August 8, 2012

eurotransient, sorry about that. I updated the code -- it's more compact now but I also added support for more Tumblr features. Let me know if you notice any other bugs!

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