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  1. FAVWebform Counrty List

    HTML forms web lists saved by 3 people
    posted on July 4, 2008 by bklapholz
  2. FAVTraverse nested lists (IEnumerable)

    C# lists nested IEnumerable traverse c# saved by 2 people
    posted on July 30, 2014 by RhinoX64
  3. FAVSpeed up jQuery UI Autocomplete Combobox with very large select lists

    jQuery select jquery load lists ui Large loading ComboBox autocomplete very slow saved by 1 person
    posted on April 17, 2012 by Huskie
  4. FAVJavascript set(-of-string) functions

    JavaScript javascript lists sets saved by 1 person
    posted on July 17, 2008 by scarfboy
  5. FAVReverse a Linked List

    C++ c classes lists pointers saved by 1 person
    posted on November 6, 2007 by iTony
  6. FAVseveral counters

    Smarty Smarty count counter lists saved by 1 person
    posted on February 16, 2007 by assbach
  7. FAVConvert List to String

    Python lists python
    posted on December 12, 2016 by onlyforbopi
  8. FAVCountry list drop down in Codeigniter

    PHP lists codeigniter counrty formdropdown
    posted on November 10, 2012 by jquery404
  9. FAVPython filter() function usage

    Python data filter structures lists
    posted on December 22, 2011 by andrewjsledge
  10. FAVList.js

    JavaScript forms lists
    posted on October 26, 2011 by doowron
  11. FAVHaskell 99 Problems - Number 14

    Haskell lists
    posted on August 18, 2011 by rtperson
  12. FAVExtending Flex IconItemRenderer Class

    ActionScript 3 image mobile lists Flex caching
    posted on August 17, 2011 by mcorlan
  13. FAVComparing two collections for equality

    C# compare lists
    posted on February 5, 2011 by christianjunk
  14. FAVClickable list item (or bock or any other element)

    jQuery links lists
    posted on August 11, 2010 by Rembrand
  15. FAVAutomatically create drop-down menu with links to the list items at the beginning of long lists

    jQuery menu jquery lists
    posted on May 22, 2010 by certainlyakey
  16. FAVadding elements of two lists

    Python python lists
    posted on April 28, 2010 by iamok
  17. FAVHow to avoid a loop in R: selecting items from a list - Stack Overflow

    R functions lists loops Vector
    posted on January 5, 2010 by rlvesco7
  18. FAVSelect just last parent list item

    CSS lists ul li Parent first-child
    posted on December 18, 2009 by Daidaros
  19. FAVSelect just first list item

    CSS lists ul li
    posted on December 18, 2009 by Daidaros
  20. FAVNavi Hover

    jQuery jquery hover lists
    posted on September 22, 2009 by mzym
  21. FAVJustify Horizontal Elements

    jQuery css jquery lists floats padding justify
    posted on September 22, 2009 by mzym
  22. FAVremove none items from a sequence

    Python lists
    posted on May 8, 2009 by iamok
  23. FAVgrouping items in a sequence

    Python lists
    posted on May 7, 2009 by iamok
  24. FAVflattening list

    Python python lists sum
    posted on May 6, 2009 by iamok
  25. FAVlist comprehension

    Python lists looping
    posted on May 6, 2009 by iamok
  26. FAVFix "normalized" (broken) lists in IE (think innerHTML)

    JavaScript ie innerHTML lists Normalized
    posted on January 4, 2009 by optimal
  27. FAVNested list from grouped sql

    PHP mysql php lists
    posted on November 25, 2008 by fostersolutions
  28. FAVRecursive UL Output with name-based array keys

    PHP recursive lists ul
    posted on September 25, 2008 by jtkendall
  29. FAVNumerating lists with letters

    LaTeX lists enumerate enumi
    posted on April 1, 2008 by Tank
  30. FAVdefinition list, dt and dd on same line IE7

    PHP layout lists ie7
    posted on July 20, 2007 by valcartei
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