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  1. FAVCaptcha Generation in PHP

    PHP php Captcha saved by 1 person
    posted 2 weeks ago by kp32
  2. FAVwebEdition-Objekt mit php erstellen

    PHP mysql sql php formulare webEdition Datenbankobjekte
    posted 3 hours ago by ulfinger
  3. FAVEinfacher Formmailer mit Pflichtfeld├╝berpr├╝fung und Feedbackmail an Absender

    PHP email php formular feedback mailer
    posted 1 day ago by ulfinger
  4. FAVTop 50 CakePHP Interview Questions and Answers

    PHP php cakephp Interview
    posted 2 weeks ago by kp32
  5. FAVSend Facebook notification

    PHP php notification api graph facebook
    posted 2 weeks ago by MaRmAR
  6. FAVSimple PHP pre-installation checklist script

    PHP php
    posted 3 weeks ago by bcherdak
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