Thanks, Starbucks!

Published in: CommentaryPosted by Tyler on 08/21/06

Delicious Monster, the company behind the fantastic Delicious Library app for Mac, has made it a point to thank the coffee shop that they work out of. With good coffee, big desks, and friendly employees who needs an office? It sure saves on rent. Following in their lead, I think it’s high time to thank the Starbuck’s I spend a lot of my time in. I’d wager that 60% of Snipplr was born right here in this store.

What Starbucks am I speaking of? Why the one on Harding Road here in West End Nashville. The desks may not be very big, but there are plenty of outlets and above all a friendly staff that always makes me feel welcome no matter how long I stay.

Harding Road Starbucks

(Photo courtesey of Starbucks Everywhere)


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Posted By: Jon Henshaw on September 5th, 2006

I bet they don’t hug you each time you come in like they do for me. I’ll always be their favorite, bitch! 😉

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