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Published in: Development, NewsPosted by Tyler on 08/02/06

Joel Spolsky (of fame) writes

When you’re trying to get people to switch from a competitor to your product, you need to understand barriers to entry . . . or people won’t switch, and you’ll be waiting tables.

He’s right. I’ve received many emails from visitors saying how much they like Snipplr and how it integrates with TextMate and WordPress, but they just can’t switch because they have too many snippets stored on other websites like and copycat newcomer

This morning I decided to do something about the problem and help users make the switch to Snipplr. I’ve added a new section to your Snipplr Settings page that let’s you import your existing snippets from other websites.

Import Screenshot

All you have to do is enter your username and Snipplr will automagically copy your snippets from their old home into Snipplr. It’ll even keep your tags in tact, too. It’s simple, quick, and painless.

Comments? Questions? Other websites you’d like to import? Let me know below.


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Posted By: Inside » Blog Archive » A Note on Importing Snippets on August 7th, 2006

[…] In my last two posts I mentioned that Snipplr can import snippets from other websites. I’ve had this feature ready to go for a while now, however I’ve been a little hesitant to deploy it. It’s a touchy subject. I mean, you could argue that I’m stealing content from other websites. Right? Maybe. […]

Posted By: maybeuser on January 13th, 2007

It’s the first time I see snipplr, and bigblod.
I like the idea (more properly I like this idea: ), so I’m not attached to snipplr nor to bigbold.

I don’t care to use one or another, I just want to use one, the most simple a functional. Moreover I’d like to let my published snippets reach as many users as possible, so your “import from bigbold” feature incite me to post first to bigbold and then import on sinpplr (maybe writing a simple script ;).
Then. why don’t you join your efforts with bigbold?

You should keep a synced database.

Btw, right now I’m more inclined toward snipplr. It has a cleaner interface.

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