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  1. FAVHow to Detect Mobile Devices using jQuery

    jQuery mobile detect devices
    posted on January 6, 2013 by goo
  2. FAVif ie browser

    jQuery ie browser jquery version detect
    posted on October 18, 2012 by mortu
  3. FAVTarget specific browsers in CSS with JS

    JavaScript css js browser detect target boilerplate
    posted on September 20, 2011 by reverend
  4. FAVAS3 detect player type

    ActionScript 3 detect as3 playerType
    posted on May 24, 2011 by martin9999uk
  5. FAVDetect IE 6 Javascript

    JavaScript javascript ie ie6 detect 6 saved by 2 people
    posted on December 22, 2010 by alyssonweb
  6. FAVIE checker

    JavaScript javascript js ie browser detect saved by 1 person
    posted on October 17, 2010 by nveselinov
  7. FAVDetect an application or process running on the system

    C# process detect aplication saved by 2 people
    posted on October 8, 2010 by amitkenny
  8. FAVjs javascript browser language detection, get the user's browser's language preference setting using jquery to detect users br

    jQuery get http ajax javascript js textmate headers browser jquery function detection settings to detect users language browsers preference using JSONP setting the fn via lang pref ajaxhttpheaders saved by 1 person
    posted on July 27, 2010 by brandonjp
  9. FAVDetect Ajax

    PHP http ajax textmate request detect call saved by 4 people
    posted on July 19, 2010 by brainwaves
  10. FAVScreen Resolution Detect

    Other javascript textmate detect
    posted on April 29, 2010 by dottDesign
  11. FAVHow to find out your IP address in Python

    Python python network ip detect discover saved by 3 people
    posted on April 16, 2010 by oznek
  12. FAVPHP Browser Detect

    PHP browser detect saved by 1 person
    posted on March 17, 2010 by frankyfish
  13. FAVDetect user language with PHP

    PHP php detection detect language q factor HTTPACCEPTLANGUAGE saved by 5 people
    posted on December 16, 2009 by ginoplusio
  14. FAVUse PHP to detect if given string is a proper email address

    PHP email php confirm spam detect prevention address proper saved by 1 person
    posted on October 6, 2009 by adamcoulombe
  15. FAVDetect Paste "Event"

    jQuery event detect paste prevent
    posted on July 7, 2009 by quickredfox
  16. FAVdetect iphone browser

    PHP php browser detect iphone saved by 5 people
    posted on July 1, 2009 by Thresh
  17. FAVFlag if browser is an IE browser

    JavaScript ie detect
    posted on January 28, 2009 by deepdown
  18. FAVdetect browser

    PHP php browser detect saved by 9 people
    posted on October 3, 2008 by iTony
  19. FAVPPK's Browser Detect

    JavaScript javascript browser detect saved by 2 people
    posted on September 11, 2008 by wizard04
  20. FAVBrowser Detect (from quirksmode)

    JavaScript ie browser safari detection Opera Firefox ie6 internet explorer ie5 ie7 mozilla icab detect saved by 1 person
    posted on October 12, 2006 by jonhenshaw
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