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  1. FAVLoop that strips unwanted html

    PHP html strip loop on
    posted on April 19, 2011 by zealmurapa
  2. FAVTrim Empty Paragraph Tags at Beginning & End of String

    PHP strip trim paragraph tag ckeditor
    posted on December 19, 2010 by iloveitaly
  3. FAVphp strip special characters from text using preg_replace

    PHP strip char special saved by 1 person
    posted on October 7, 2010 by blipz
  4. FAVPrice without decimals unless necessary

    PHP number strip price decimals
    posted on February 21, 2010 by jmiller
  5. FAVcleanse html, js, style from form input

    PHP php html strip trim whitespace tags
    posted on January 6, 2010 by nerdfiles
  6. FAVHTML to Text

    PHP html strip tags text plaintext saved by 2 people
    posted on September 4, 2009 by smoover
  7. FAVStrip URL to domain name

    PHP url strip domain pregreplace saved by 5 people
    posted on March 2, 2009 by duniyadnd
  8. FAVConvert incorrectly-formatted UTF-8 strings of HTML into correctly-formatted UTF-8 strings of plain text.

    PHP database php html xhtml strip String tags text remove convert utf-8 inconv htmlentities striptags correct saved by 5 people
    posted on November 21, 2008 by X3Maverick
  9. FAVSecure, Advanced, Better, Faster... function for remove/strip tags(Anti-XSS).

    PHP css php html strip tags function remove to howto secure anti xss how saved by 5 people
    posted on November 10, 2008 by YPY
  10. FAVstrip html and amend tabs and spaces

    PHP html strip String tags remove utility saved by 1 person
    posted on October 21, 2008 by donkeykong
  11. FAVFormatting PHP mail params

    PHP php mail strip tags saved by 5 people
    posted on October 8, 2008 by gfazioli
  12. FAVHow to strip HTML tags, scripts, and styles from a web page

    PHP php html strip tags remove-tags saved by 9 people
    posted on September 15, 2008 by Wardy
  13. FAVall spaces become single spaces regex

    PHP regex strip space
    posted on September 2, 2008 by sublimino
  14. FAVStrip punctuation from text.

    PHP regex strip remove clean regexpr punctuation saved by 1 person
    posted on March 11, 2008 by localhorst
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