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  1. FAVPython-like string interpolation in JavaScript

    JavaScript javascript python String interpolation
    posted on June 21, 2010 by glends
  2. FAVPattern replace String prototype

    JavaScript replace pattern String saved by 1 person
    posted on April 30, 2010 by Pjotor
  3. FAVJavaScript: Reverse String [Extended Native]

    JavaScript javascript object String prototype native reverse saved by 1 person
    posted on April 28, 2010 by cfleschhut
  4. FAVExtending String object to include the trim() function

    JavaScript trim String extending stringprototype
    posted on April 16, 2010 by electblake
  5. FAVHex encode & decode String prototype

    JavaScript hex String prototype encoder decoder
    posted on April 6, 2010 by Pjotor
  6. FAVSplit string into array

    JavaScript javascript array String to length split parts strlen splice
    posted on March 29, 2010 by chlab
  7. FAVRetrieve Query String Variables Javascript

    JavaScript javascript String query
    posted on March 23, 2010 by digiteyes
  8. FAVEssential Javascript Techniques

    JavaScript javascript replace String loop for essential substring techniques
    posted on February 23, 2010 by alvincrespo
  9. FAVJavascript - Reverse a String

    JavaScript javascript js String loop reverse for
    posted on February 17, 2010 by alvincrespo

    JavaScript String
    posted on February 16, 2010 by lfatr
  11. FAVFrom JSON/Object/Array to STRING

    JavaScript javascript object array String tranform saved by 1 person
    posted on January 17, 2010 by Piotrek290
  12. FAVReplace Newlines with BR, String Prototype

    JavaScript replace String prototype br newline
    posted on January 13, 2010 by boondoklife
  13. FAVString.prototype.pad

    JavaScript javascript String Pad padding saved by 1 person
    posted on January 10, 2010 by edektor
  14. FAVGet URL without the hash

    JavaScript url String hash saved by 2 people
    posted on December 2, 2009 by ozke
  15. FAVString.getParam()

    JavaScript javascript String prototype parameter
    posted on November 28, 2009 by nerdfiles
  16. FAVConvert a Number to an hexadecimal String

    JavaScript number hex String integer convert
    posted on November 11, 2009 by aadsm
  17. FAVParse a float number to a string with x decimals

    JavaScript number float String decimals parseFloat parseint
    posted on November 4, 2009 by ginoplusio
  18. FAVTrim string white spaces using regular expressions

    JavaScript javascript trim white space String regular Expression saved by 1 person
    posted on November 3, 2009 by Mithun
  19. FAVCheck first character of a string

    JavaScript check character String first saved by 1 person
    posted on September 1, 2009 by NyX
  20. FAVTruncate a string to a set length, breaking at word boundaries

    JavaScript javascript String truncate saved by 1 person
    posted on June 19, 2009 by segdeha
  21. FAVArray to String

    JavaScript javascript array String to
    posted on May 4, 2009 by cobra90nj
  22. FAVstring.toCharCodes & String.fromCharCodes [JS 1.8]

    JavaScript String js18 charCode
    posted on March 12, 2009 by Sephr
  23. FAVstring.toCharCodes & String.fromCharCodes [JS 1.6]

    JavaScript String js16 charCode
    posted on March 12, 2009 by Sephr
  24. FAVvalidate length of string

    JavaScript character String count length validate textarea
    posted on February 17, 2009 by jlvallelonga
  25. FAVMultiline String

    JavaScript String
    posted on December 29, 2008 by kayue
  26. FAVAlter an existing, hard-coded onclick function

    JavaScript regex edit hack data event rails String functions macros eventhandlers LISP alter saved by 1 person
    posted on December 4, 2008 by noah
  27. FAVAdd Preceding Zeros to Score

    JavaScript String games zeros score
    posted on October 15, 2008 by jasonseney
  28. FAVSprintf in Javascript (string format)

    JavaScript javascript format String sprintf printf saved by 5 people
    posted on October 13, 2008 by jasonseney
  29. FAVLeft Pad String

    JavaScript javascript String Pad Left
    posted on September 16, 2008 by MMDeveloper
  30. FAVString functions

    JavaScript javascript String ROT13
    posted on August 13, 2008 by wizard04
  31. FAVString increment

    JavaScript String
    posted on July 26, 2008 by higeorange
  32. FAVstring trim function

    JavaScript trim String prototype saved by 1 person
    posted on April 18, 2008 by gbot
  33. FAVdrop a shadow in a text

    JavaScript javascript String text shadow saved by 1 person
    posted on January 15, 2008 by iTony
  34. FAVJavaScript i18n String object & localize method

    JavaScript javascript String i18n localize
    posted on December 5, 2007 by alvaroisorna
  35. FAVPHP Array To JSON String

    JavaScript php array String json saved by 4 people
    posted on November 10, 2007 by inkdeep
  36. FAVTrim() Function

    JavaScript String
    posted on October 8, 2007 by elightbo
  37. FAVString to hex

    JavaScript number textmate hex String
    posted on September 30, 2007 by remysharp
  38. FAVString.toCamelCase

    JavaScript String camelcase
    posted on July 24, 2007 by remysharp
  39. FAVString.replaceAll method implementation

    JavaScript javascript replace String prototype saved by 3 people
    posted on July 4, 2007 by alvaroisorna
  40. FAVkeys: get an array of all property names in an object

    JavaScript object library trim String hash utilities keys saved by 2 people
    posted on June 11, 2007 by noah
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